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Grit2 Advisory Board

Jennifer is a child and adolescent psychologist and parent coach who comes from the perspective that the power of parenting comes from giving your child the space to explore and grow. She lives in Downers Grove with her husband and three teenage boys. 


Jennifer Benish

Kristin Bormann.jpg

Kristin Bormann is a school social worker at Downers Grove South High School. She earned her masters in school social work from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and has worked in the high school setting for the past 18 years. Kristin lives in the community with her husband and three children. 


Kristin Bormann


Charlie Caton is a school social worker at O'Neill Middle School in Downers Grove. He earned his bachelors degree in social work from the University of Iowa and his masters degree from Loyola University Chicago. During his time in Iowa and after he earned his BSW, Charlie worked with adults with mental health conditions and intellectual disabilities.  He earned his clinical social work license in 2014.


Charlie Caton

LisaMarsicano-2 (1) - Edited.jpg

As an Executive Function Skills Specialist and coach, Lisa provides trainings, materials and consulting services for students of all ages to foster independence and resilience to help guide students to success in high school, college and life. 


Lisa Marsicano

Peggy Tomcheck.png

Peggy has lived in Downers Grove for ten years, and is a married mother of two teenagers. As a Licensed Professional Counselor she enjoys working with adolescents and wants to make a lasting impact on the well-being of our teenagers while working to foster real connections.


Peggy Tomchek

Vince Walsh Rock.jpg

Vince currently serves as the Assistant Principal for Counseling and Student Support Services at Downers Grove South High School. In addition to his work at DGS, He has taught at Northwestern University, Northern Illinois University, Concordia University, and DePaul University. Dr. Walsh-Rock also provides clinical supervision experiences to school counselors interested in developing their counseling and assessment skills. 


Vince Walsh-Rock